Review of the Online Slots Game Tokidoki Lucky Town

Tokidoki Lucky Town is a slot machine produced by IGT. It is themed after a popular line of apparel and accessories made in Japan and has a cast of brightly colored cartoon characters. You have undoubtedly seen some of them before since they are printed on things like t-shirts, tote bags, and even stationery in different parts of the globe.

However, in order to take pleasure in the Tokidoki Lucky Town slot machine, it is not necessary for you to be a fan of the odd cartoon characters that it features. This is a game with five reels and forty different paylines. A one-of-a-kind feature known as “Reel Reveal” has the potential to result in symbol upgrades, win multipliers, expanding wild symbols, or more wild symbols.

You will get each of these benefits from a distinctive animated character, but even in the games that are considered “basic,” you will find win multipliers and other benefits.

IGT’s Tokidoki Lucky Town slot machine has proven to be an enormous success because to a combination of factors, including a well-known brand, a wacky design, and unique bonus features. You also won’t have to go very far to play it, since several of our favorite online casinos now sell the IGT variety of games. IGT’s Tokidoki Lucky Town slot game may be played on mobile devices running iOS or Android as well as on personal computers.

Tokidoki Lucky Town is a slot game that is inspired by anime, and it has zany designs, vivid colors, and fascinating features. If you like these things, read our review, then give the game a try for yourself to discover what kinds of prizes you may win.

Controls & Configuration for the Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot

Simply starting up this game will have you started playing it in a matter of seconds. Because it is so simple, there is no need for you to be anxious about it even if you have never played a slot machine before. Simply click the Plus and Minus buttons to choose the amount of money you wish to wager on each spin of the reels, and you will be ready to play.

The possibilities vary from 0.60 to 12.00 per spin, which may not be sufficient for high rollers but should be plenty for the majority of us who have more moderate budgets. You play with a total of 60 coins, which is sufficient to cover all 40 lines. However, you will need an additional 20 coins in order to take advantage of the enormous range of additional bonuses and the earning possibilities offered by the Reel Reveals.

The Tokidoki Lucky Town slot machine from IGT allows you to modify the wager as frequently as you’d like in between spins, which is useful if you’re following a strategy that requires you to shift your bets between rounds.

Other buttons start automated spins that may continue for up to fifty times, allowing you to relax while the program takes care of the job. You have the ability to adjust the visual quality, which is a feature that is typical of the IGT slots that are compatible with mobile devices. Even if the player’s connection is shaky, it won’t affect the gameplay’s fluidity or dependability.

Before you start wagering actual money on the Tokidoki Lucky Town slot machine, you should familiarize yourself with its payout schedule. It provides a rundown of the different symbols’ payouts in the event that you land matching ones beginning on the left side of the screen. You may open up the table by pressing the button that is located below the reels, and you will also be shown how the unique Reel Reveal function works.

The Gameplay And Additional Features Of Tokidoki Lucky Town

Because to its use of vivid primary colors, Tokidoki Lucky Town pops out from the screen, regardless of whether you play this popular slot on a desktop computer, an iOS mobile device, or an Android mobile device. The game has music that is appropriately offbeat and wondrous, which contributes to the overall comical feel of the experience.

As is the case in a great deal of other games, the lower-value symbols in Tokidoki Lucky Town are representations of the playing card values 10 through A. These are exactly as brightly colored as the rest of the game, so you won’t have any trouble incorporating them.

You might be familiar with the names of the bizarre characters that award more valuable prizes, but we are not; as a result, all we can tell you is that they take the form of a psychedelic unicorn, a teddy bear-like creature, a person dressed as a cactus, and another person wearing a cow costume, respectively.

The most valued symbol is a heart and crossbones in the style of a pirate, and it may pay out up to 500 times your line bet. This is also a wild symbol, which means that it may replace for any other symbol except for a yellow version of the same symbol that doubles the wins if it completes a combo and substitutes for it.

The Reel Reveal bonus offered by the Tokidoki Lucky Town slot machine is one of a kind in the same way that the machine’s design and name are. In the event that a record player appears on the right-hand reel, cartoon hands in green will descend from the ceiling and move the reels to the left. This reveals a new reel, and on it will be a variety of characters; depending on which ones emerge, you will get various benefits.

It was possible for the reels to move either once or as many as five times, with each unveiling introducing additional features. These characters are given names in the paytable, which allows us to inform you that Carmellia can change up to three random symbols into wilds on the first Reveal, while Truffle can improve winnings by a factor of between two and fifteen times on the second Reveal.

On any third Reveal, Punk unicorn Pogo will transform the two reels to his left completely wild, and Latte the milk container will give win multipliers of up to ten times the bet. If you are lucky enough to receive a fifth and final Reel Reveal, all of the character symbols that are currently on the reels will transform into additional wilds.

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